NTP Clock LED Matrix Digital Clock

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12月 19, 2022
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NTP Clock LED Matrix Digital Clock

First of all, thank you for buying this clock

This this a RGB digital Network CLOCK

You can use your mobile phone to connect to the server inside the clock and change the clock settings without installing an app

Just log in to the browser in your phone or computer

Frist the clock need your WIFI

First time the clock do not know your home wifi name and password,so it will creat an AP,named XClock,it may need password,the password is “password”

You phone->Setting->WLAN

choose your home wifi(If it does not display correctly, refresh it several times),and type your home wifi password->save,wait about 30 second

If you type right,the clock will get an IP address from your home  router,Remember this IP

Type the IP in your browser,like Google Chrome,You can set the clock


Now let’s show you how to configure the clock




1.It should be noted that because we use LED display boards produced by different manufacturers, the clock color selection will not be very accurate. For example, you choose Yellow but it display  pink

So if you want to get a yellow display, you may need to choose pink. You need to try many colors to get the color you want


Fill in the value -12-12
This is used to calibrate your time zone

Usually when we deliver the goods, we will help you set them up in advance according to your city
However, if you encounter the conversion of winter time and summer time, you need to calibrate it yourself

Next Weather Station

You need two parameter to get this work

1.City name(Like London,berlin,moscow,Support many big cities, some small cities, the Weather API does not support)

2.API KEY(This needs to be applied on https://openweathermap.org, it is free)


Apply for an account

then click your account

The website will send a confirmation code to your email, remember to verify

Copy the API Key ,you get the  api key now

Fill in these 2 parameters, and then confirm
But the weather will not be displayed immediately, because your account has just been applied, the system may activate it in an hour, and it will be displayed at that time

(Please note that after setting the weather parameters, the clock will take a few seconds to parse the weather json data, so the entire page cannot be operated, please be patient wait for a few seconds)

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  1. rait说道:

    hello. after power went away. my clock has gone crazy, displays wierd stuff only. i cant configure anything in setup page.where can i get software to reflash it?



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