DIY Cool LED Colorful Dot matrix Clock

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十一月 1, 2020
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DIY Cool LED Colorful Dot matrix Clock

First of all, thank you for buying this clock

This clock adopts NTP time synchronization technology, which automatically connects to NTP time server four times a day, and then saves the data to the internal high-precision clock chip

At the same time, you can use your mobile phone to connect to the server inside the clock and change the clock settings without installing an app

Just log in to the browser

Now let’s show you how to configure the clock

use your pMobile phone charger as power suply

after you power on it,It will create a WiFi hotspot

The LED panel will display the WiFi name and password(Remember this password,beacue you need use it twice)



Find this WiFi hotspot in your mobile wifi settings







click the wifi ,type in the password



Later, the clock will provide an interface for you to configure your home WiFi




If you set your WiFi password and name correctly, the clock will restart automatically

It then displays the IP address of its own internal server

Enter the IP address in the mobile browser

The login name of the server is “admin”

The password is the one you just remember




The options are all in English

You need to configure the time zone of your city to display the time correctly

If you don’t know, Google it


Then there is the temperature, please choose outdoor, because the indoor temperature is based on the temperature sensor inside the clock chip, which is not very accurate

Then the time is display, please select digital mode

1.It should be noted that because we use LED display boards produced by different manufacturers, the clock color selection will not be very accurate. For example, you choose Yellow but it display  pink

So if you want to get a yellow display, you may need to choose pink. You need to try many colors to get the color you want

2.After completing the time setting, you need to remove the memory battery on the back of the chip, and then restart the machine to get the correct time display!!!!!!!!!!!

About time setting

Get the right time in your area by GMT + (1-12) or GMT – (1-12)

The east side is + and the west side is-

Because some countries implement daylight saving time, they have to add or subtract 1

for instance

If you are in Sydney, your time zone is east 10

You need to set GMT + 10, but because of daylight saving time, you need to set GMT + 11

In addition, weather and temperature data will only be displayed when the network is smooth, sometimes not display













3 评论

  1. rait说道:

    Hello, How can I reset the chp when i forgot the password?

  2. Cliff说道:

    This is a fun clock and it looks great. However, I can’t seem to set the time properly. I am in Boston and I put in “GMT-5”. But the date is always 2018.01.01 and the time is wrong. Please help. Thank you


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