Mini musical Tesla Coil

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3月 15, 2017
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Mini musical Tesla Coil


Mini musical Tesla Coil


this is another project about the tesla coil,But!we add a music play function .

How it work?

Use the IRF3205 FET to Amplified music signal,Modulation to the current of the Primary coil,so when the spark come out,the music played

OK,let’s start making

First check what you got in the packet,The following image contains the main parts , see if  there  is something missing………….




first you need bend the foot to Bent right angle,why do this?see the second pircter you will know





Welding IRF3205,you need make suer that  the bottomo side of  IRF3205 keep very closed to the PCB


Welding TIP41c

the tip41c is the main part of the tesla coil,it using The principle of feedback self excitation,drive the tesla coil work




Diode.need pay attention that the diode Polarity,there is a Line on its body,welding as picture

diode is used for Isolation high voltage of primary coil ,Protection input




104 Capacitance

first Cap you need let it Lie down,this is for making space for the Heat sink



the secoun cap is used for the audio input



20k Adjustable resistance and Audio jack

the resistance is used for Set the potential of the IRF3205 G foot



Led long foot is positive,welding to the mark “+” on the PCB





10K and 1k resistance

if you do not know which is 10k,plz use a multimeter or google “Five color ring resistance identification”




this is for the Power indicator LED






Swich and Power jack




Heat sink

The heat sink with double-sided adhesive on the chip





The coil.

first you need Distinguish the Top and bottom,Wider tape is the bottom

Then take of the first layer tape,put it aside and use it later



ok,this step maybe the Most difficult,you need  Winding Primary coil

Parameter requirement:

3 rotations

First use one finger hold the wire

then 3 turns,clockwise!

Make sure the coil is tight,this is very important,Direct impact spark size,if too loose,Will reduce efficiency

Remember which side is IN.which is OUT

Use the tape that you put aside before

Fixing primary coil with adhesive tape

REMEMBER the IN and OUT side!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


before we welding the Secondary coil to PCB,first we need fix the pcb on the wood


First need to locate in the four hole poke a few pits





Do not tighten all screws at once

Screw the screws when all the screws are set




The smallest wire,welding to L2 on the PCB


Then the IN and OUT side,I hope you remember them
If you turn the 2 counter, it won’t work, but don’t worry,
Just exchange it



Glue the coil on the wood


Screw the fan



This need 24v power,so plz find a dc power 24v,current better greater than 1A



OK,when you finish this,you can click the switch,if all goes right,the spark should come out,then connect the audio wire to your MP3 player or phone,you can enjoy Music………
























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