make a Mini table SGTC tesla coil Spark gap Tesla coil

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make a Mini table SGTC tesla coil Spark gap Tesla coil

Make a Mini SGTC(Spark gap Tesla coil)

this Project is about how to make a 12v DC SGTC.Before maybe you have see a lot of SGTC like these

They are so big and use 110v-220v AC  power,too danger and can not to be close we want to make a small Spark gap Tesla Coil(SGTC),it is better use DC power like 3-24V,all its functions should be the same as big SGTC,just the power  will be smaller,so we can touch the spark and  don’t have to worry about an electric shock.We are glad we’ve finished this idea in this project.

Usually a SGTC contain High voltage signal generator,Igniter,Resonant capacitance and coil.The big SGTC is so danger and big because it use an AC power and many big Resonant capacitances,

If we can get a high voltage signal from a low DC voltage,  we can get close to our target.It seems that Inverter high voltage generator can help us

Here it is

(This is a Special high voltage module for igniter,

Input voltage 7~15V

Output voltage 15KV~20KV

then we need a small Resonant capacitance ,According to the parameters of our primary and secondary coils(calculation formula is on google) ,8000v 0.01uf is ok

At last,interesting thing,the Lighter,we use Ceramic discharge tube,it has a small noise and we can choose 3kv-8kv breakdown voltage ,It is easier to damage,Belong to a consumable material, so it be designed to be replaceable And because of this you can choose to change the different breakdown voltage according to your own preferences, and there will be a different effect.

OK.We have finished the key parts instruction .Now let’s start making it


Scattered parts

Foam is buffered at the bottom


The transformer coil needs to be installed according to the picture, and the rough copper wire is the primary position.

Please look at the annotation on the picture


High voltage diode


Power indicator lamp,led long foot is +


Power socket and switch


Igniter socket


the Igniter


High voltage signal generator

soldering to the right place marked in picture below

ok,the board finished


now need connect the Primary coil and secondary coil to this board

the The copper ring is the primary,its left is “in” and right is “out”

the orange wire of the secondary coil connect to the board “L2″(in fact,the “L2” aslo is connect with the “out”,so in picture you can see the orange connect to the right screw,it is ok,and plz ignore the red wire soldering to L2 in picture)

About the power suply:

you can use any DC12v power suply(make sure the out put current is 1A-2A)

For example:

if you don’t want to use the plug,you can solder two wire directly to the board,and connect them to your DC12v power

ok,all is done,12v dc power,you can use it now(plz use it in dark place,you can see the spark and arc)

find a Incandescent lamp