Diy table spark gap tesla coil -SGTC-type3
七月 2, 2018
diy clock type2
十月 17, 2018
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diy clock type1

Clock diy(type1)


Most of the patch components have been soldered, only need to solder some plug-ins, it is very simple,let’s start………..

A total of 2 boards, we first solder the components on the two boards, then connect them with wires.

The places that require special attention have been marked with text on the pictures, so please pay special attention!!!


1.Board A front


2.Board A back



3.Board B front

please note the the led dot matrix direction,look at the picture,beacause if you are wrong,fix it is not easy



4.Board  B back

5.connect them


Finished!   Enjoy!


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  1. Bill Vitez说道:

    These components (crystals?) have different numbers but I cannot read which one goes to Y1 and Y3 (please see picture with yellow rectangles identifying the parts from your Tutorial picture)

    Are these actually the same component and it does not matter?

    Please advise.

    Thank You!


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