Diy table spark gap tesla coil -SGTC-type3

Diy table spark gap tesla coil -SGTC
五月 23, 2018
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Diy table spark gap tesla coil -SGTC-type3


In the DIY process, if you have any questions that you don’t understand, please send an email to our email address(, the title says SGTC, we will reply you in the first time after seeing it.

This is a mini spark gap tesla coil(SGTC),it is small but full funtion.The most important thing is that it can touch and don’t worry about the electric shock injury.The original intention that we design this decive,plz reference The following article

make a Mini table SGTC tesla coil Spark gap Tesla coil

OK,let us start making it



Scattered parts

Foam is buffered at the bottom


The transformer coil needs to be installed according to the picture, and the rough copper wire is the primary position.

Please look at the annotation on the picture


High voltage diode


Power indicator lamp,led long foot is +


Power socket and switch


Igniter socket


the Igniter


High voltage signal generator(in the back there is label “+”,”-” and “”out“”)

red wire is + yellow wire is –

soldering to the right place marked in picture below,on the board you can see “+” and “-”

ok,the board finished




now need connect the Primary coil and secondary coil to this board

first glue the bottom shell


The primary coil winds three turns(Although the bottom is reserved for 4 turns, but please winds only 3 turns,and must Clockwise)



Now solder the “IN” “Out” “L2”

The soldering place  is best to do insulation treatment,
Prevent discharge(Cover exposed wires with tape)



Ok,finished all the soldering.

About the power suply:

you can use any DC12v power suply(make sure the out put current is 1A-2A)

For example:



if you don’t want to use the plug,you can solder two wire directly to the board,and connect them to your DC12v power



ok,all is done,12v dc power,you can use it now(plz use it in dark place,you can see the spark and arc)

find a Incandescent lamp



ok,now you got a SGTC,but the journey has just begun………

In design, we have separated the high voltage signal generation circuit and the power resonance circuit, so how do you play it? You can replace any independent part. As long as you understand its principle, you can try to use your own DC high voltage inverter  to drive the power resonant circuit, or make a power resonant circuit yourself, drive it with our signal generating circuit…

in the packet,there are two different Ceramic gas discharge tube,the white one,breakdown voltage is 3000v,and the green one is 3500v,different breakdown voltage will affect the charge and discharge frequency of the capacitor, thus changing the operating frequency of the entire power circuit, the closer the frequency is to the resonant frequency, the energy can be you can try yourself to see what is the difference of this two tube(Ceramic gas discharge tube is very easy to break, if it is broken, please replace it, we  sell it in our store )

As a maker, we should learn to understand the essence through phenomena.

It is not must to use ceramic discharge tubes,if we use the Classical ball-gap discharge,what will happen?
Taking action is better than just thinking,let’s do it!!!!!

The Ball-Gap Discharge

Ball gap discharge prevents tip discharge and allows concentrated energy release……..


(The above picture is from google, If we infringe on your copyright,Please contact us to delete!)

Make a ball-gap discharger

For easy drilling,
Use brass balls,
Because brass is soft and easy to drill


It is easy to weld a wire by drilling a hole

A pair of ball gaps was made successfully

As for the size of the gap, you need to experiment.
Different sizes will cause different discharge frequencies ……..
Many parameter can work,The difference is only whether it is closest to the resonance frequency of the system
Don’t forget, we are making SGTC!

In order to obtain the most spectacular discharge effect without changing the input power, try to make all parameters close to the theoretical calculation.

This is what a maker should do, isn’t it?

The  ball gap discharger has been completed,but after we soldering the Secondary coil ,Unexpected situation happened!!!!!!!

An arc is generated between the primary coil and the secondary coil
It seems that the energy is enhanced, but the secondary coil is not insulated enough.Because only a thin piece of plastic is used to cover the secondary coil,It seems that we need to enhance the insulation strength of the secondary coil.
Brushing epoxy is the best way, but I am too lazy and don’t like the feeling of slimy, so I try to find a big heat-shrinkable tube, I hope that its insulation strength can meet the requirements.

It looks good, there is no spark between the primary coil and the secondary coil.



Ok,now we finished this  transform, got some trouble, but we solved it.

We just made a demonstration, hope you like this project.
At last,Enjoy!

Next article, we make a ball gap sgtc

mini ball-gap spark tesla coil SGTC




















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  1. Brian Cheshire说道:

    is an arc supposed to also ocur in gas discharge also?

  2. Nick说道:

    我想知道谁是SG 302的火花隙?我想订购替换品。


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