Simple Mini Tesla Coil diy

6月 29, 2019
Cool Cat digital clock diy
9月 27, 2020
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Simple Mini Tesla Coil diy

Simple Mini Tesla Coil diy

this is a simple tesla coil diy project


Schematic diagram almost the same as the picture

it can generating electric spark,aslo you can put a metal ball on the top,then it can light fluorescent lamp

First check the parts you received  to see if there is something missing

Now let’s start making it


First we install the primary coil


Welding led, pay attention to the positive and negative pins

Welding capacitance and resistance, this resistance is 10k

Welding switch and power socket


Weld the secondary coil and scrape off the surface paint with a knife

There are 2 small self-tapping screws in the package, tighten the secondary coil

Okay, congratulations, you are done, is it very simple?

DC 12v power suply






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