Tiny SSTC tesla coil 158

6月 1, 2017
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9月 6, 2017
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Tiny SSTC tesla coil 158

Tiny SSTC Instruction

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this is a tiny SSTC Project,it has two kind of Arc extinguishing model:

1.Fixed frequency mode
2.MIDI music mode

The full bridge GDT is wound with a EE25 transformer, with a drive of 4420 and a power tube of IGBT 50N60,support AC110-220v,so you can connect directly to the Home power jack(Equipment running will produce a lot of electromagnetic radiation, so please stay away from home appliances, and pay attention to safety)

And must must be grounded!!!!!!!!!!!

the device must connect to ground,the picture below show you how to grounding it

the black ground wire on the device is short,so you can use a long wire connect it to the metal stick in the ground,this is the best grounding.

if the real earth is too far ,or you are living in High  building,Toilet or kitchen metal pipes, or metal railings on the balcony are also available, but please make sure the connection is good

First ,Not power on!!!!!

Connect arc extinguishing circuit board



Optical fiber line,
you need align the notches and protruding points first,Then push in and turn around

(The transmission of signals with fiber optic wire is mainly to avoid the induction of high voltage to the arc suppression plate by ordinary metal wires)


Function of arc extinguishing plate

Top potentiometer has two function

1.pulse width


when you receive the device,the swithc is close,so when you power on,there is no arc,you need turn it on(You’ll hear a crisp sound),Continue to rotate is to increase the pulse width


The bottom potentiometer

Frequency regulation

when you receive the device,The frequency is set to minimum,Rotation increases frequency,

But plz do not set the two potentiometer MAX at the same time(Operating at maximum power may result in overheating of equipment and burnout of equipment)

Pattern switch

when you receive the device,The switch is in the picture state,it is mode 1.Fixed frequency mode

this mode,you can turn the two potentiometer,and watch the ARC Changes in intensity and frequency

Change the mode must Power off!!!

you can not  Change-over switch directly when the power is on!!!

2.MIDI music mode

this mode need you input the MIDI Format music

(Only MIDI,do not input other format music ,like MP3,will broken device)

Ok,all is done, put the metal top on the right place,and the Discharge needle,you can power it on




Here are some Midi format music for you

you can download

Midi (下载649)








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