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5月 31, 2017
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when you receive this device, Please don’t rush to power it. First read this operation manual carefully ,so that it will help you to use it smoothly.

One things is important need to remember

the device must connect to ground,the picture below show you how to grounding it

the black ground wire on the device is short,so you can use a long wire connect it to the metal stick in the ground,this is the best grounding.

if the real earth is too far ,or you are living in High  building,Toilet or kitchen metal pipes, or metal railings on the balcony are also available, but please make sure the connection is good

There is another thing  be sure to pay attention

The device can not put on the ground or too close to the ground,beacuse The principle of device operation isPLLSSTC.it need feedback,if too close to ground,the feedback will go wrong,there will be no ACR come out

1.TOO close to ground, not work

2.15cm far from ground,work!!!



So only these two things need be attention,when you get ready,you can power on it,AC110-220v all support!!!!!!!!!






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