Tiny Musical tesla coil(Assembled)
3月 29, 2017
Midi music Mini SSTC type1 Instructions
5月 15, 2017
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Tiny SSTC Tesla Coil

Tiny SSTC(Midi Music arc extinguishing )

coil size:74mm*100MM

metal top:100mm

include:the whole kit

Music arc  extinguishing Board

The power plug

Audio line

Power:110v-220v AC

First please know how the board working,plz Reference this article below


MIDI Music SSTC Board intro


the rest work is simple,just do some connection work

it need two dc 12v for the Logic circuit on the board,one for the drive board and one for the Arc extinguishing plate,and the Ac power(110v or 220v) is for power drive

do not forget the ground wire,very important!!!

ok you already finish all the connection,and For details on how to use the arc extinguishing board, please refer to the above article about the board.








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