MIDI Music SSTC Board intro

SSTC 260 intro
5月 24, 2017
6月 1, 2017
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MIDI Music SSTC Board intro



This is a SSTC Drive Board,use this board,you just need the Primary coil , secondary coil and the power suply,you can build a Tesla coil easliy.

It has

2 kinds of arc extinguishing modes, music mode(MIDI format ) and general mode

SSTC full bridge contains the drive, full bridge GDT, using EE25 transformer winding, drive 4420, power tube IGBT 50N60

Power suply:DC 12v and AC 110-220v


Primary coil
Clockwise direction of winding
0.75 square, 8 laps


Feedback magnetic ring
(the ground line needs to pass through the middle, but the direction is uncertain at first. We need to try, and we’ll talk about it later)

Two DC 12v power suply,this is for the Signal drive




you need align the notches and protruding points first,Then push in and turn around

(The transmission of signals with fiber optic wire is mainly to avoid the induction of high voltage to the arc suppression plate by ordinary metal wires)


Secondary coil (counterclockwise in winding direction)

Place in the middle of the primary coil. The ground line passes through the feedback magnet ring

Must be good ground!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Install the metal top and put the electric needle


Function of arc extinguishing plate

Top potentiometer has two function

1.pulse width


when you receive the device,the swithc is close,so when you power on,there is no arc,you need turn it on(You’ll hear a crisp sound),Continue to rotate is to increase the pulse width


The bottom potentiometer

Frequency regulation

when you receive the device,The frequency is set to minimum,Rotation increases frequency,

But plz do not set the two potentiometer MAX at the same time(Operating at maximum power may result in overheating of equipment and burnout of equipment)

Pattern switch

when you receive the device,The switch is in the picture state,it is mode 1.Fixed frequency mode

this mode,you can turn the two potentiometer,and watch the ARC Changes in intensity and frequency

Change the mode must Power off!!!

you can not  Change-over switch directly when the power is on!!!

2.MIDI music mode

this mode need you input the MIDI Format music

(Only MIDI,do not input other format music ,like MP3,will broken device)





then connect the AC and two DC power,if you are lucky,you will see………..

But is not work??????dont worry,there is another TIP we not told you yet

The ground line passing through the feedback magnetic ring is in the direction,
The direction is reversed, and there will be no sparks

(but is it from left to right or right to left? we do not know, If the direction is right,connect the power, you can see the spark, if the wrong direction, no spark, need to turn off the power!!!,  change a direction, this is very important, must be in accordance with the to illustrate the operation,and the picture just a demo,In actual operation, the metal top must be fitted, then grounded, and then connected to the power to test)

After change to the right direction,it will work

Ok,if you want to use the MIDI mode,plz power off,then change the Pattern

here we offer some MIDI format music for you to test your device

Midi (下载629)


midi1 (下载469)


midi2 (下载448)


midi3 (下载452)


Some other interesting items

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    Can you share a schematic of pcb please

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    Hi Sir,

    Does the interrupter have a battery charger ? I mean if I connect battery to it, and then plug the DC power supply, will it charge the battery ?


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