Midi music Mini SSTC type1 Instructions
5月 15, 2017
MIDI Music SSTC Board intro
5月 31, 2017
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SSTC 260 intro

This Article will help you finish the Final assembly work,please Assemble in strict accordance with each step.

Any steps are not to be ignored. Any incorrect assembly may cause damage to the product

Before we begin, there are a few important things to remember

1. the equipment must be well grounded
2., the normal mode and music mode must be switched off when the power off
3. don’t turn the frequency and pulse width to maximum at the same time. This is very easy to burn the equipment





when you open box,the frame not  Fully assembled. This is to prevent transportation damage, so you need  screw them


Then we need put the Secondary coil to right place,and there is a ground wire,need Correct installation, this is very important

First, go through the round hole on the acrylic

Then go through the feedback magnetic ring through it
This step is important, and you must walk through it to get the right feedback


the connect to the ground


Finish the Installation of secondary coils,then put the metal top on it,You need to put an electric needle on it



Connect the  Arc extinguishing plate,Since the excuse for the 2 lines is the same, we use blue as a distinction, can not interchangeable,Blue TO Blue!!!!!!!!


Okay,everthing is done,you can power it on,but before you do that,you need know how to use the Arc extinguishing plate

1.There are also switching functions about the pulse with knob ,so when you first power the device on,it is off,you need trun it ,then you can see the ARC come out .Fixed frequency mode is the default mode when you receive the deivce,look at the picture below

2.The switch in middle.

Normal Pattern:Fixed frequency mode,The circuit board generates a fixed arc extinguishing frequency

Midi Music Pattern:you need input the MIDI format from you phone or MP3 player,Plz do not inpute other Music format.ONLY MIDI!!!!

and the music pattern ,if you not input the MIDI signal ,there is no ARC come out,so if you use this pattern,you need give it a MIDI singal.

3.the Pattern Switch only can switched when power off!!!!


4.DO not turn the Frequency and pulse width potentiometer to the MAX at the same Time,DO NOT DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Here are some Midi format music for you

you can download

Midi (下载689)

At last,enjoy it and stay safety!






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