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2月 6, 2017
Type1 SSTC instruction
3月 15, 2017
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zvs kit instruction

Power requirements

We recommend using at least 24V, 20A power


Voltage heating effect
24V uses crucibles to fuse lead and tin
36V uses crucibles to melt aluminum.
48V uses crucibles to melt gold, silver, and copper

So if you want melt gold,you need use 48v。understand?

And this kit just the Core components,To make the whole system work, you need to prepare other accessory components yourself

1.the cooling  fan

The MOS  produces a lot of heat, so you need a large fan to dissipate heat


2.Air switch

When the power is switched on, the current impact will be great, so you’ll need a 20A air separation switch
Connect between the power supply and the circuit board

3.water cool



So at last ,we give you some picture to see the effect

Over power molten iron


Some buyer DIY DEMO












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