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2月 8, 2017
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mini tesla coil diy



this is a simple tesla coil project

About tesla coil,first thing you should know is the Basic principle (no mater it is SGTC,SSTC PLLSSTC or DRSSTC)

The resonance!!!

maybe you think get a high voltage we need use a Transformer(Using the principle of electromagnetic induction to raise the voltage,Primary coil 10 turns, secondary 100 turns,so you will get 10 times  increase),in this project,usually we use DC 12v,Primary coil 1 turns, secondary 300-350 turns,If it is the electromagnetic induction,At last you will get about 3.6kv-5kv,Obviously this voltage can’t match the reality,it even can not produce corona,so it is not  electromagnetic induction,it is

The resonance!!!

maybe you have heard the old story ,A team of soldiers, marching across the bridge, the bridge collapsed


and the glass is broken


all these are Resonance of mechanical system,tesla coil is similar,It is the resonance of the electronic system,it be called The Series resonance.

The resonance is not Generate new energy,just Maximize the efficiency of energy conversion


OK,we finished explain,let us start this little project


Schematic diagram almost the same as the picture

it can generating electric spark,aslo you can put a metal ball on the top,then it can light fluorescent lamp

First check the parts you received  to see if there is something missing

Main components as shown below,need you  prepare a 12V power


Step 1: Welding resistance and Capacitance


one is 1k,another is 10k,Welding according to the label on the circuit board

If you do not know how to Distinguish between 1K and 10K,use a  multimeter,or google “Five color ring resistance identification”

Step 2: Two LEDS


the long foot of the LED is “+”,the short foot is “-“,welding Accord to the label “”+“”on the circuit board

one LED is for Power indication,another is for showing the working state of the Tesla coil


Step 3: Power Outlet and switch

Step 4: Triode


Step 5: Secondary coil

you need Use a knife to scrape the surface of the paint,Otherwise can not conductive

at last need use glue to fix it on the pcb

Step 6: Four foot

Step 7: Power on

we Recommended 12V 1A power supply,if you want get a bigger spark,you can use 24v 2A power suply,but the The transistor will soon become very hot

so if you use a 24v power,plz note the Dissipate heat


power suply picture

need you  prepare a 12V power yourself!



if the Welding is all right,two LEDs light and on the top,there is a spark



Step 8: Non essential steps


if you want put the metal on the top,aslo need Scrape the surface paint,then use the Copper paper fix the wire on the metal ball


Step 9: Enjoy!

At last

Circuit diagram


Strictly speaking, this is a project close to the Tesla coil, not a true Tesla coil. The following article will teach you how to make a mini spark gap Tesla coil, real Tesla coil

Do you want to make a mini SGTC(Spark gap Tesla Coil)?Click




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    By DRSSTC how can I make a musical tesls coil?
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