Diy table spark gap tesla coil -SGTC

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4月 18, 2018
Diy table spark gap tesla coil -SGTC-type3
7月 2, 2018
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Diy table spark gap tesla coil -SGTC

This is a mini spark gap tesla coil(SGTC),it is small but full funtion.The most important thing is that it can touch and don’t worry about the electric shock injury.The original intention that we design this decive,plz reference The following article

make a Mini table SGTC tesla coil Spark gap Tesla coil

OK,let us start making it



Scattered parts

Foam is buffered at the bottom


The transformer coil needs to be installed according to the picture, and the rough copper wire is the primary position.

Please look at the annotation on the picture


High voltage diode


Power indicator lamp,led long foot is +


Power socket and switch


Igniter socket


the Igniter


High voltage signal generator(the picture is old vesion,now the generator you got maybe bigger than this old one,but they are same,in the back there is label “+”,”-” and “”out“”)

red wire is +,black wire is –

soldering to the right place marked in picture below

ok,the board finished


now need connect the Primary coil and secondary coil to this board

first glue the bottom shell


The primary coil winds three turns(Although the bottom is reserved for 4 turns, but please winds only 3 turns,and must Clockwise)



Now solder the “IN” “Out” “L2”

The soldering place  is best to do insulation treatment,
Prevent discharge(Cover exposed wires with tape)



Ok,finished all the soldering.

About the power suply:

you can use any DC12v power suply(make sure the out put current is 1A-2A)

For example:



if you don’t want to use the plug,you can solder two wire directly to the board,and connect them to your DC12v power



ok,all is done,12v dc power,you can use it now(plz use it in dark place,you can see the spark and arc)

find a Incandescent lamp


The picture below is another type,but the same effect,just the Different primary coils












4 评论

  1. Tim Mager说道:

    is it possible to connect a musicsignal to the input instead the output of the signal generator?
    What impedance is needed?

    Thanks and best regards,
    Tim Mager

    • admin说道:

      a music tesla
      that must change the whole pcb board,change to a PLLSSTC board,not just change the signal generator

  2. Brian De Bortoli说道:

    HI, I am interested in purchasing your secondary coils for my new company in the future could we work out prices?


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